LACK OF ART stems from a number of older projects and combinations of preferences in art & design.
The basis of this project is a simple table from IKEA, LACK.
It is a square table with square legs and a top based on board-on-frame construction.
The design dates from 1979 and has already known many variants in terms of color

The concept consists of combining LACK tables, the white version, into an abstract work of art.
By figuring out all combinations for a series that runs from 1 to 6 stacked LACK tables, 
a kind of DNA of combinations was created.

The choice of a maximum of 6 tables has been made because the height of the tables corresponds
to the size of the room height of houses.
Many modern houses go up to 250 cm high, older houses sometimes exceed 300 cm.

A total of 110 combinations are possible for vertical stacking.
The restrictions imposed are that only vertical stacking is allowed
and the table may be used either with the top up or down. No horizontal shifts.

This concept has been elaborated in 2D diagrams and in 3D renderings.
The sphere present acts as a decorative element that leads a life of its own within a rigid system.
LACK stems from the IKEA concept for Democracy Design. Affordable design for everyone.
LACK OF ART is a step further towards a concept where anyone can make a work of art with LACK.
Functional or not, art and design or not. A catalyst of ideas.

Democratic ART & DESIGN

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